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The Mezuzah Project פרוייקט המזוזה

Introduction to the Mezuzah: Passage and Process

The tiny encased parchment placed on the upper third of the doorpost of a Jewish home marks passage in space and time thereby identifying a sacred moment and place. The vertical door post represents the axis of the world, an "umbilical" cord that connects us with God. Many ceremonies throughout history honor threshold passage: Sacrifices buried under the threshold to guarantee divine protection; carrying the bride over the threshold to her new home; bowing or prostrating; among Jews, kissing your finger tips and transferring the kiss to the mezuzah. Touching the mezuzah with awareness of a God connection makes the mezuzah one of the most powerful (understated, and not fully appreciated) ritual artifacts in Judaism.

We delight in 'hiddur mitzvah', enhancing the ritual with beautiful objects. Maimonides reminds us that though we recite the words 'likboa mezuzah', to affix the mezuzzah, ironically nothing material is 'fixed', enduring forever. Only the oneness of God endures forever:

"אין דבר העומד לעולם ולעולמי עולמים אלא ידיעת צור העולם"
(הלכות מזוזה, פ"ו, י"ג)



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