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And All the People Saw the Voices (Exodus 20:18)
וכל העם רואים את הקולות (שמות, כ', 18)

Mixed media (white plastic cubbies, copper djabs for batiking)

The text this piece is based on emphasizes that ‘seeing’ the revelation on Sinai internally was more authentic and individual than the limitations of physically witnessing an actual event. Black and white abstract wooden pieces in the base address the kabbalistic image that Torah was given in black fire on white fire. Three copper floral matrices (djabs for batiking) crown the piece, signifying the burning bush located at Horeb, which is Mt. Sinai. The faces were Xeroxed from the newspaper and affixed to discarded slides.

The white plastic cubbies were once mail boxes for the teachers in an Oakland, California public school. Once upon a time mail cubbies were small, before the onslaught of massive computer paper waste.

And All the People Saw the Voices (Exodus 20:18)
And All the People Saw the Voices (Exodus 20:18) - detail

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