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Married to Mr. Lekh Lekha I
נשואה לאדון לך לך 1

Mixed media, 2001

The battered suitcase had three things in it when I opened it: broken hinges, heel plates and half a scissors: I saw these as a broken home, wandering, and the pain which identified Abraham's family. Abraham is on the left of the upright suitcase. He is wearing tefillin and a headset, fitting for one who is always getting messages from the Holy One. The most critical message he got was Lekh-Lekha that moved him out of his home and set him on the path to sacrifice his and Sarah's son. Mrs. Lekh Lekha is the molded bosom on the right, wearing a map of the ancient Near East. Half a scissors is a knife, hanging between her breasts. The little shoe? There is always a child in Lekh-Lekha.

Married to Mr. Lekh Lekha I

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